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Need of cahnge

Lighting revolution - switching to new LED technology.


Environmentally friendly , efficient lighting, intelligent lighting control options, reducing costs for electricity.


Become a reliable partner providing the highest quality lighting solutions and a leader in indicating lighting trends.


Establishment of the company

Focusing on the strategic and commercial solutions in lighting and economic optimization by LED technology.


Selection of partners for long term cooperation.

Our years of experience and built relationships guarantee worry-course logistics.

Creation of complex tailored projects.

Thanks to our own labeling and engraving machines, our products contain information that up to streamline the identification of goods and logistics.

We work with world leaders manufacturing chips and electronics.


Products of manufacturing production are immediately dispatched to the customer.

Vlastní čipy

Products are built on the most technologically advanced components.

Revize, instalace, konzultace

Revision of existing solutions, installation and consultation of our experts.


Since 2012, we have own product line of LED lights Lumbio® focused on industrial and commercial lighting projects. .


Stable team guaranteeing perfect customer service.


Efficient processes adjustment and a superior relationships with suppliers ensure maximum product quality.

In 2013 we entered the Slovak market.


superior warranty.

Comprehensive product lines

Development of own custom SW for effective communication with customers.


In 2014, we are preparing own product development and manufacturing. Lumbio® brand is expanding globally.

Vlastní výroba

With its own production we gain 100% control of our products already at the stage of their development.


Each developed product is tested in detail in accredited laboratories.


In 2015, product development and manufacture has been fully launched and our manufacturing facilities were dramatically enlarged. Lumbio® brand is getting worldwide.


Gaining experience in international and domestic logistics.

Stock Stock mini

We dispose of distribution warehouses in Europe and Asia with stable conditions for the specific needs of electronics.


Product development is adapted to its long-term durability and the required parameters in time.

Záruka / Odolnost

We stand by the quality of our products and offer a premium 5 year warranty.

Bezdrátové technologie

Lighting control options including wireless technologies.

Implementation of other functions leading automation.

Every dispatched product receives a sticker QC Lumbio®.


We participate in the prestigious International him at Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. The fair attracted more than 216,000 trade visitors from 160 zem&countries.


Expanding product development, production facilities, technology and gaining certification in other markets.

Fair Light+Building is an important source of information for us and an ideal opportunity to get even closer to our customers and their specific requirements for lighting.

What our customers told about us.

Loyalty and long-term partnerships are fundamental to our business and therefore we always choose Lumbio, whose team of experts with individual service we can rely on. During our cooperation we ourselves have learnt much about lights from Lumbio.
Mr. Jiří Týbl, Head of Retail Investments Departmen, Benzina
Good cooperation is based on a clear, fast communication and individual approach. Lumbio® team meets all of these factors at a very good level and cooperation with this company is full of a pleasure and inspiration.
Mr. Luděk Marek, Linet, Head of Maintenance
Lumbio® has an extensive portfolio of high quality lights not requiring any maintain, which is crucial for areas with continuous operation. After consulting with the specialist, we replaced our old flickering fluorescent in our premises with LED panels Lumbio, which greatly improved the working environment with better visibility and continuous lighting without flickering. Overall, our premises appear airy and clean now, the same as if it is under natural daylight.
Mr. Mgr. Marek Cagášek BA, JLV, CEO and Board Member
Lumbio® provided to us not only a quality lights that completely changed the working environment with excellent results, but also interesting consultation that has opened our eyes. We had no idea how the replacement of lights is important not only in the context of the savings in energy, but also for the overall demonstration of the meaning of space.
Mr. Ing. Miroslav Chamraďa, Coop Jednota
The perception of colors and their shades is essential for us and our customers. After consultation with a specialist from Lumbio® we understand that LED lights Lumbio® are the best choice for us. At various stages of implementation we have replaced the lights until full satisfaction in all our premises.
Mr. Ivan Hušner, PPG Deco Czech as, Director

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